UK Pet Identification Law

Dog ID tags UK law

According to the Control of Dogs Order 1992, all dogs must wear a collar and ID tag when out in public, which must detail their owner’s name and address. This dog ID tags UK law applies whether your dog is on a lead or not. Contravention of this order is an offence and risks a fine of up to £2000.

If your dog is involved in an altercation, an accident, or runs off, a dog ID tag is the quickest way for someone to contact you about your dog.

Dog ID tags can be quite small, especially if you have a small dog. It is advised that phone numbers can be helpful on there too and  it is recommended having your own version of this engraved:

SMITH, 10,


WV11 8HG

07770 123456

A phone number can be very useful on a dog tag – and don’t forget, the tag has two sides that can normally be engraved.

On the topic of dog thefts, which have risen significantly since the first COVID lockdown, some of The Vet Whetstone’s clients have told us their top tips for dog ID tags:

  1. Don’t have your dog’s name engraved on their ID tag – this will and give thieves a head start
  2. Include CHIPPED & NEUTERED on the tag if it will fit as this may put thieves off – many dogs are stolen for breeding

So, why not put microchipping and ID tag at the top of your to-do-list, and give your dog the best chance of a swift reunion with you whilst staying on the right side of the law?