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After adopting our little Chihuahua Finnigan, We realised that we could not find any dog collars that showed off his personality. Now he has the choice of over 75 styles of collars, and each morning we lay out a variety of collars for him, and he himself chooses which one he wants to wear. Now he has no problem showing off his personality, and we know what kind of mood he is in each day by the collar that he chooses.

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Bruce, Receiving His 1st Finnigan Collar

Showing Personality

🫶 Handmade Quality
All Finnigan's Collars and Leads are made with our own Hands.
🏆 Free Engraving
Put the name of your pet on their Finnigan Collar
🪃 Easy 30-day Returns
If it doesn't fit, returns are hassle-free

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